postpunk, experimental, ¡No New Wave!

“Do you want the basics or do you want the truth?”
por la negra grande del noiz y el darkz.

Chrome – Something Rythmic (I can’t wait).
The Work – Cain & Abel.
Art Bears – The song of investment capital overseas.
Catherine Jauniaux – Kebadaya.
DZ Lectric & Anthon Shield – Experimenting Love.
Daily Fauli – Nobody Home.
John Bender – 39A5 Something.
Beyond the Implode – 11th Hour Breakdown.
Thin Yoghurts – Drink Problem.
Ad Astra – A&R.
Van Kaye + Ignit – Negroe in N.Y.
Visitors – Electric Heat.
Television Personalities – King and Country.
The Lines – White Night.
Pink Military – Do animals believe in god?
The Cardboards – Copabacabana (live).
Blue Chemise – Odette.
Eliane Radigue – Stress-Osaka (june 1969).
Lives Of Angels – Golden Age.
Van Kaye + Ignit – Love you Generator.
Pink Industry – Don’t let go.
Moe Tucker – Will you love me tomorrow.
Wall of Voodoo – They don’t want me.