Post-punk, experimental, industrial, techno, abstract

Amos and Sara – The Genderizer.
Sir Alick and the Phraser – Nursery Chymes.
Copeland & Gast – Sisters of Control.
The 49 Americans – We know nonsense.
Nancy Sesay and The Melodaires – The Ballad of Hong Kong.
F ingers – Awkwardly Blissing Out.
Social Climbers – Palm Springs.
Silvia Kastel – Bruell.
Nocturnal Emissions – Power of love (AKA Bring power to it’s knees).
Tarcar – Visions of the Night.
Patricia – It gets worse at night.
NGLY – Strange Expression.
Kelly Lee Owens – More than a Woman (KLO Remix).
Chandra – Subways.
Deeper Kenz – American Street.
People Skills – Obstinate Truss.
Die Trip Computer Die – Sibling Family Research.
Michael Claus – Somebody.
Sun City Girls – Let’s just lounge.
Akasha System – Bloom.
Copeland & Gast – Sisters of Control (version).
Golden Teacher – Four Faces.
Caroline K – Tracking with close-ups.