Folk, postpunk, cold wave, new wave, punk, shoegaze, noise rock, pshychedelic rock, indie rock

Grouper – I’m clean now.
The Five or Six – Another Reason.
Arte Moderno – Ninette en New York.
Cold Dreams – Eyes.
Reserva Espiritual de Occidente
Hana Vave – 1992.
Marbled eye – Feast.
Cold Beat – Thin Ice.
Love of Diagrams – Blast.
Las Robertas – Ghost Lover.
Brian Jonestown Massacre – She made me.
Morenas – Todo lo bueno.
Index – Fire Eyes.
Faux Fur – Rough Palms.
The Necessaries – Europe.
Metric – Combat Baby.
The Feelies – Sooner or later.
Velvet Monkeys – Everything is Right.
Dog Faced Hermans – Incineration.
Flipper – First the Heart.
Chrome – Meet you in the subway.
Derribos Arias – Branquias bajo el Agua.
Papas Fritas – Say Goodbye.
Grouper – Headache.