Lo-fi, Albertaville, Montreal, industrial, post-punk, art-rock, New Weird America, techno, abstract, experimental, electronic, Trap, r’n’b, songwriter, cantautora, no-dj

Cindy Lee – Greasy Muthrfucker.
Nocturnal Emissions – Never give up.
Chandra – Kate.
Amos and Sara – Sexy Terrorist.
Terror Bird – Dumbsick.
Patricia – German Friendship.
Jasss – Oral Couture.
Laurel Halo – Jelly.
Kelly Lee Owens – CBM.
Poland Music (Cecilio G) – From Darkness with love.
Nathy Peluso (prod. Odd Liquor) – Kun Fu.
Laura Groves – Pale Shadows.
Woo – When my love goes away.
The Cleaners from Venus – In Kingdoms of the cool.
L. Voag – El cada dia del gente comun.
The 49 Americans – Tendency to lie.
Ludus – I can’t swim i have nightmares.
F ingers – Never went there.
Centella – Temperatura.
Phantom Pregnancies – Souvenir Central.
These Are Powers – The question is.
Wet Hair – Forever young ever one.
Carla Dal Forno – The same reply.