Leftfield, 90’s, 00’s,indie rock, r&b, new weird america, electronic, downtempo, techno, hip-hop, Club, house, synth-pop, euro-house.

Ratatat – 8 beat.
Hot Chip – Keep Falling.
Outhud – How Long.
Spoon – I turn my camera on.
The Internet – Gotcha.
Blonde Redhead – Dripping.
John Maus – The Combine.
FSK meets Anthony Shake Shakir – Doctor Buzzard’s Original Savanna Band.
Ratatat – Seventeen Years.
CSS – Music is my hot sex.
Luscious Jackson – Keep on rockin’ it.
Whale – Buzzbox Babe.
Bran Van 300 – Rainshine.
Dee-Lite – Good Beat.
Saint Etienne – Who do you think you are?
Pizzicato 5 – Go Go Dancer.
Paradisio – Bailando.
Astrud – No estaría mal no tener que saber qué es lo que va a pasar.
Glass Candy – Feeling without touching.
Geneva Jacuzzi – The Walk.
Alive – Discusiones Bizantinas.
Friends – I’m his girl.
Weave – Mouthpiece Hysteria.