Rock Pop, synth-pop, minimal synth, indie rock, postpunk, experimental, neofolk, shoegaze, pop

Kieran Culkin & Michael Cera – The L Word, »Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World» (Edgar Wright, 2010).
Peter Frampton – Baby i love your way (live).
Galaxie 500 – Tell me.
Raúl Querido – 3 AM.
Belle and Sebastian – Seeing other people.
Part Time – Cassie (Won’t You Be My Doll).
Smog – Dress sexy at my funeral.
Cheap Trick – I want you to want me (live).
Pixies – Letter to Memphis.
Lemonheads – Into your arms.
Sinéad O’Connor & Shane MacGowan – Haunted.
Peter Frampton – Show me the way (live).
Michael Cera & Mary Elizabeth Winstead »I’m in lesbians with you».