Punk, Art Rock, Avantgarde, Experimental, Post-Punk, Noise, Leftfield, Abstract, New Wave

The Twinkeyz-Aliens In Our Midst
Deep Freeze Mice-Matter Over Mind
Caroliner Rainbow-Surgur Ax Smiths
Code Bmus-Broken Arrow
Masters of the Napalm Death-Only A Song Of Lov
Bene Gesserit-Juste Une Chanson D’Amour
Mr. Partridge-I Sit In The Snow
Lose-What’s Your Name
Bruce Haack-Word Game
Fifth Column-Detox Killer (Erotic Thriller)
The psychodelic Roberts-Ladyfriend
Negativland-Escape From Noise
Jung Analysts-Öffentlich Furzer
Faktrix-Empire Of Passion
The Leather Nun-Slow Death
Concrete-Uranium Plant
Red Krayola-Leejol
Jad Fair-Fish Can Talk
The Middle Class-Out Of Vogue
Rimarimba-Why Do You Squeak
Units-Tight Fit