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Os Mulheres Negras – 19 30
Splendid Mess – NASA Secret ANZAC
CCCP – Punk Islam
Monochrome Bleu – I Walked This Way
Mess – Paraguay
Material – Square Dance
Tetuzi Akiyama – Acid Highway
Alma da Terra – Cante comigo
Exuma – You Don’t Know What’s Going On
Selda Bagcan – Dunya
Ahmed Fakroun – Falah
Necronomicon – The Top
Hot R.S. – Slow Blow
Ghibli – I’m Looking for You
Dorothy Carter – The Squirrel is a Funny Thing
Current 93 – The Nylon Lion Attacks as Kingdom
Köhn – Mixomatosis
Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast – The Dumbwaiters
Einstürzende Neubauten – Birth Lunch Death
Severed Heads – Harold an Cindy Hospital