New Wave, Avantgarde, Calypso, Experimental, Alternative Rock, Acid Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Modern Classical, New Age, Noise, Dark Ambient, Art Rock, Folk

The Del-Byzanteens-Apartment 13
The Eloise Trio-Come To The Caribbean
Cracky-Pack A Punch
Do the Right Thing-Batteries Scene (Spike Lee)
Os Mulheres Negras-Só Tetele
Goat-It’s Time For Fun
Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo-Nocturno Op 1
Gabe Fink-Dusty Battle
Hombre Mirando al Sudoeste-Iglesia Escena (Eliseo Subiela)
Hans Wurman-Black Key Etude, Op. 10, No. 5
Kurt Riemann-Carol Of The Bells
Richard Horowitz-Bandit Nrah Master of Rajasthan
Fata Morgana excerpt (Werner Herzog)
Nurse With Wound-The Six Buttons of Sex Appeal
Pierrot le Fou-Ocean Scene(Godard)
Mick Karn-Weather The Windmill
The Caretaker-I Feel As If Might Be Vanishing
Zorn Gottes-Kinsky Scene (Herzog)
Jean Jacques Perrey-E.V.A.
Vogel- Flaschenzug
Slepstep-Life Time Poem
Safet Isovic, Nada Mamula-Oj Safete Sajo, Sarajlijo
Alterations – Adios Half Cowboy
Blue for Two-Ugly Child
Brigitte Fontaine-Je suis décadente