Minimal, Ambient, Abstract, Experimental, Musique Concrète, Psychedelic Rock, Folk Rock, Ethereal, Garage Rock, Prog Rock, Leftfield, Space Rock

Only Lovers Left Alive-Dwarf Star Conversation
Patrick Cowley-Nightcrawler
Sven Grunberg-Hingus 1
Raymond Scott-Portofino
Sister Irene O’Connor-Fire
The Space Lady-Synthesize Me
Tom Zé-Xique Xique
The Chocolate Watch Band-Dark Side Of The Mushroom
Magical Power Mako-Andromeda
Fumio Miyashita-Space Symphony – Spiral
Selda Bagcan-Mehmet Emmi
YURI MOROZOV-Inexplicable (pt4)
Roland Bocquet-Exotique
The Homosexuals-Walk Before Imitate
Art & Lenguage and The Red Crayola-An Exemplification
Kid Baltan-The Ray Makers
Alice Coltrane – Turiyasangitananda
Paul Beaver & Bernard L. Krause-The Nonesuch Guide To Electronic Music (Excerpt)