Krautrock, Industrial, Ambient, Minimal, Experimental, Minimal, Space Rock, Avant-Garde, Psychedelic Rock, Stoner Rock, Acid Rock, Electro

Waking Life – A Thousand Years is But an Instant
Cloudland Canyon-Krautwerk
Unknown – Untitled
Bo Ningen-Nichijyou (Radio Edit)
Cloudland Canyon-You & I
Geologist – Unused Coral Demo 13
Eternal Tapestry-Galactic Derelict
High Wolf-Kulti
International Hello-8 Seconds
Minami Deutsch-Vocalism Ai – Forever Takemitsu
SubArachnoid Space-B
Tzusing-Nature is not Created in the Image of Man’s Compassion
Zombie Zombie- L’Age D’Or
Waking Life – Same Pattern Over and Over