Folk Rock, Folk Pop, Psychedelic Folk, Progressive Folk, Krautrock, Freak Folk, Minimalism, Neofolk, Canción Protesta, American Primitivism

John Fahey – Guitar Excursions in the Unknown
Pablus Gallinazus – Una Flor para Mascar
Pearls Before Swine – Another Time
The Revolutionary Army of Infant Jesus – Psalm
Syd Barrett – Bob Dylan Blues
Simon Finn – Big White Car
Third Ear Band – Druid One
Sibylle Baier – I Lost Something in the Hills
Pip Proud – Adrenaline and Richard
Sand – On the Corner
Spirogyra – The Furthest Point
The Incredible String Band – First Girl I Loved
Tyrannosaurus Rex – Once Upon The Seas of Abyssinia
Mayo Thompson – Dear Betty Baby
Grateful Dead – Box of Rain