Free Folk, Progressive Folk, Neofolk, Freak Folk, Psychedelic Folk

Comus – Bitten
Amber – Swan in the Evening
Brethren of the Free Spirit – In Him is no Sin
Siloah – Krishna’s Golden Dope Show
Current 93 – Steven and I in the Field of Stars
Mahogany Brain – Silkskin Dawn
Congregación – El Dulce Espíritu de la Soledad, Ama la Muerte Hermano
Pagan Altar – Acoustics
Mormos – The Great Wall of China
Anaksimandros – I Am the Drum and the World is my Stick
Ayuo – End of Earth
Jandek – What Can I Say, What Can I Sing
Death in June – The Perfume of Traitors
Grim – Deep Meditation
Roy Harper – Come Out Fighting Gengis Smith
Ed Askew – Ask the Unicorn