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La Recocha Strikes Back

Absolute Body Control – Surrender No Resistance
Mr. Potatohead – Cold Forest Fire
Minny Pops – Dolphin’s Spurt
Deux – Game And Performance
Strange Militia – Ho Paura Dei Bambini
Calva Y Nada – Dralles Weib
Adolf Filter – River Of Chebar
Plastic Planet – Ballet Mecanique
Liz & László – Je Ne Suis Là Pour Personne
Le Syndicat Electronique – The Men Who Killed The Beat
Femminielli – Estados Alterados
Carol – Breakdown
Gertrud Stein – Panik Attack
Blipblop – Sista Vilan
Delos – Constantly Arranged
Ze422 – 1, 2, 3
Stälträd – Bostadsrätt
Solitude FX – Die Göttin
Sickdoll – Reise Nach Bavaria
Martial Canterel – Hinting At Answers
Any Leave – You Are Good To Go
Cold Cave – Dead Friends Dancing In Heaven