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«Sweet And Chaotic Recocha»

Xeno & Oaklander – An introduction
DJ T – Electrofied
Electronome – Playmobile Invisible
Linear Movement – Five Faces
Grauzone – Ich Und Du
Pere Ubu – Modern Dance
Die Crucis – Flaming Desire
And One – Loser
Sonnenbrandt – Radio
Petra Flurr – Akkarus
Crazy Girl – Cocaine Talk
T. Raumschmiere – The Game Is Not Over feat. Miss Kittin
Geneva Jacuzzi – Do I Sad
Der Plan – Dunkel Wars
Brigade Rosse – Psychotop
It & My Computer Ft. Rollinka – La Danse Des Ames
Frank (just Frank) – The Closet Song
Sixteens – Aphrodite
Twisted Nerve – Indecision
Do-Po – Rhythm
New Order – Ceremony
Oppenheimer Analysis – Modern Wonder