Musique Concrète, Experimental, Minimal, Synth-pop, Abstract, Post Rock, Krautrock, Leftfield, Noise, Avantgarde, Downtempo

Selected and mixed by Dirk Markham @ Drock Productions, Berlin 2016

Garden Gate Robot by Toitoitoi
RaymondScott-IbmProbe by Raymond Scott
The Big Sleep by Gelbart
Inversion by Ursula Bogner
Moogies Bloogies by Derbyshire, Delia
Echolalia by Cavern of Anti-Matter
In The Hall Of The Mountain Queen by Raymond Scott
Barry 7’s Contraption by Add N To (X)
Blood Sugar Gang by Toitoitoi
Hotel Supernova by FELIX KUBIN
Cartoonstrip by L’Augmentation
Begleitung für Tuba by Ursula Bogner
Cybernetica Babicka by Stereolab
Summer Round by Belbury Poly
Dance From Noah by Derbyshire, Delia
The Snack by Toitoitoi
SleepyTime by Raymond Scott Orchestra