Breakbeat, IDM, Experimental, Leftfield, Ambient, Abstract, Minimal, Downtempo, Indie Rock, Avantgarde, Post Rock

Dirk Markham DJ mix for Joint Venture #12 at Zentrale Randlage, Berlin 30.10.2015

IZ US by Aphex Twin
Chad Valley by Cathode
Hextention by Tusia Beridze
Sherbert Head by Boards of Canada
Second Bad Vilbel by Autehre
Tbc by Stethascopic Heart Record
Tbc by Philip Glass
Traumvogel by The Orb
Liverpool Press Conference by George Martin
Yttrium by Fridge
Green of the Melon by UI
Qu’ran by Brian Eno & David Byrne
Morino Gakudan by Susumu Yokota
Partir Y Renunciar by Rosario Bléfari
Stage Announcements by Woodstock
Microstoria Runtime Engine by Oval
Kybernetcika Babicka by Stereolab
Stretch (You Are All Right) by Tortoise